How to Check If Your Android Smartphone Is Rooted Properly

How to Check If Your Smartphone Is Rooted Properly: Helloo Friends..!! If you are checking for the steps to check your Android Smartphone is rooted or not then follow this complete article. Some features of Android Phones like files and some function are not changed by the user. Root Checker for Android Smartphones allows the user to full control and access to the operating system. Phones are rooted by its last owner, but it cannot be rooted directly. By using the Root Checker, you can check your Android Phone is Rooted correctly or not which is available from the play store.

Root Checker for Android Smartphones

To save some money if you are using an old Android smartphone and you are trying to root your android device, it is the easy process, and you can also check the below sections. To root your Android device, there are many ways, but here we are explaining some simple steps to root your device.

root-checker How to Check If Your Android Smartphone Is Rooted Properly

Root Checker is one of the fantastic application for Android devices, and it has a correct name to search. CrotaNexus has developed the Root Checker for Android Smartphones. This app allows the Android user to check whether the phones rooted properly not. And this application very easy to use and free to download. First, check your Android phone is supported for rooting or not and You can also download this Root Checker app from the Google Play Store.

If you are watching anything, then your phone cannot be rooted directly without your permission. SuperSU application is one of the excellent methods for rooting the devices, and it acts as a watchdog. After rooting the device if you don’t have any app then that monitors the root access.

What is rooting?

Breaking an iPhone is similar to rooting a tablet or Android device. And this root checker allows you to know all instructions of the subsystem. And it also allows you to customize and access anything on your Android device. You have many restrictions on this root checker, and this is the best-undertaken caution. You can also back up your phone’s software before installing in rooting terms. Individuals can follow the below given steps to know the steps for root checker.

Two steps to check if your phone is rooted or not

Step -1: First of all, you have to download the terminal client application from the google play store, if you don’t have this on your phone. And this terminal client application is free to download for Andriod. Next, install the app, and then you will get the empty text prompt from the well-known interface.

Step -2: Next, you have to check the character which is on the right before the entry prompt. If you find the # symbol, then you are rooted.

root-checker How to Check If Your Android Smartphone Is Rooted Properly

If you find any dollar ($) symbol, to root your device you have to type su and then click on enter, then the dollar sign will be automatically changed to the pound (#) sign. During the process, Grant the permission if it asks to give any permissions to the terminal app superuser.

Download Steps for Root Checking App for Android 

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